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We are generally a friendly bunch who share in admiring the love interests in various otome games and are accepting of others’ interests. 

Hello! Welcome to Otogelib. Please read over the contents of this post carefully. If you have any other questions you may contact those within the otogelib discord server and ask in the #general-otogelib channel. 

We are generally a friendly bunch who share in admiring the love interests in various otome games and are accepting of others’ interests. 

This is a document to help introduce new translators to the otogelib project. 

  • You should be able to translate on the go on your smartphone/tablet if you desire (it may take a bit to load since some projects are rather large.)
  • Google sheets will sync in real-time. If you claim a script, it will update so others will see that you’ve claimed the script. 
  • You can translate whatever you want. You are not expected to translate for other projects if you do not desire to. However, it is appreciated if you could provide help to those with translation questions/checks. 

About projects

All of the projects in otogelib utilize google sheets for translating and proofreading. The Japanese text, you will not be able to edit. However, if you wish to highlight the text to search, you will be able to copy and paste the text. 

Each google sheet for each project will vary differently in terms of the format. However, what is uniform across the sheets if that the entirety of the script for the otome game is split into numerous scripts. These scripts could be split by route, scene, etc. 

@Reishiki/@Slave on the discord server is the one who will delegate roles and access to the Google sheets. If you have questions about any of these things and/or the project process, please ask her. Please be patient for her replies as well. Remember we all have lives outside of otogelib. Her timezone is GMT+7.

Below is a screenshot example of the Amnesia Later x Crowd V Edition project google sheet.

As you can see here, there are multiple CSV scripts for the overall script of the project.

For translators, there will be a column for translators to claim a script. See the example below.

Please be sure to properly claim a script to translate as to signify to other translators that you claimed responsibility to translate this script. 

NOTE: If when translating, you have specific lines that you are unsure about, many other translators in the otogelib discord server are willing to answer questions about grammar, sentence structure, etc.

Project process:

Usually, the process for translating and proofreading an otome game is:

  • Individual csv files are translated by a translator
  • When the translator finishes translation, they mark that the script is available for proofreading
  • The proofreader will go in to fix grammar and spelling mistakes, and to make the English sound natural. (Note, the PR will likely not understand Japanese fluently).
  • During the middle of the projects or at the end (after Translation and proofreading), we will have people to demo the game to check spelling, formatting, etc.

NOTE: Project leaders for their respective projects will decide if a patch will be publicly released or otherwise.

Now let’s look at a blank script.

At the left is the Japanese text. Again, this is uneditable. As you can see from the highlighted green, this represents the character speaking/thinking/providing dialogue. On the right, you provide the translation. The headers are misnamed but remember the left is Japanese, and the right will be for English. There is also a column on the left labeled, “Note”. You may provide notes for yourself here to come back to, or notes for proofreaders. This is very open so use them how you see fit. 

For the dialogue, when you are provided 1-3 lines, this represents all the text on the page at once. For example, the text:


Will display in its totality within the game. Therefore, the translation will do the same. So this could be translated as:

“Are you sure you’re okay to go out and walk?”

This text could be among one line or two lines, depending on how it is formatted. For the format, we ask both translators and proofreaders to format the line breaks of the translation in a way that is easy to read. See the example below:

Many translators might ‘match up’ length and sentence structure, but this isn’t necessary if the room is available. Below is an example of the same translation, but formatted in such a way that the space is better utilized and easier to read.

We typically recommend adding line breaks before commas or prepositional phrases, but you can also do line breaks at your own discretion. Just as long as the break doesn’t feel awkward. 

There may also be times you can’t add a good break in the sentence before starting the new line. In these situations, just do what you can.

However, you may have times where a translation does not take up the same amount of space as the original Japanese. If you find the entire translation can fit in one line, versus the original two lines, you use the ∴ symbol

This is to essentially fill the space with white space/blank space. 

Below is a screenshot to show the headers for proofreading done, etc. that need to be marked. This should be easy to understand, but if you have questions, please feel free to ask in the otogelib discord server. 

NOTE: This is more of a concern for proofreaders, but the character limit for each line is about 60 characters. 


Some scripts may have duplicate scripts. Refer to the screenshot below from the Brothers Conflict script:

Many games simply have duplicates of the script. You just need to more or less copy and paste the translated lines similar to how it is above. You may ask @Reishiki/@Slave to confirm that this is correct. 

  • Please try to translate the original Japanese text to that befitting of the personality of the character thinking/speaking. This will be helpful for the proofreaders.
  • When the original Japanese text uses Japanese quotes (「」), please use double quotes in the translation (“”).
  • When the original Japanese text uses parentheses (), please insert parentheses into the translation as well. 
  • If you notice a name is not translated in the highlighted green text, there should be a sheet named “TABLE_NAME”, you can edit the name there and it will reflect to the rest of the sheets.
  • No deadlines exist for translators, but if you stop translating for >7 days or cannot continue (life happens- it’s fine), please contact @Reishiki/@Slave. 
  • Use the English & key when needing to use that symbol. Not the Japanese “&” because this will break the script. 
  • Resources are available for translators under pinned messages within the otogelib discord server under the channel #resources-for-translators.

Each project will have a “READ THIS FIRST” script. This may change in the future, but please scroll to the bottom and list yourself as an available translator. Below is a screenshot example from Hakuoki SSL. 

~Written by Skyemakable~

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