Step-by-Step guide to play Japanese Otome games using machine translators

Step-by-Step guide to play Japanese Otome games using machine translators


Hello, today I will show you how to play almost any Japanese otome game without knowing any Japanese! Don’t worry about the quality of the translation, as of now, AI machine translators came a long way and has been improved drastically in terms of translation quality. I personally think that we could easily understand 70-80% of the game or even more so.

Let’s get started!

What you need

  • A Windows PC that has at least 8GB RAM (the more the better) and if you’re playing switch game using a laptop, make sure that it has dedicated graphics card.
  • A hacked nintendo switch and a copy of the game you want to play if you’re dumping your bought games from your switch.
  • Sugoi Japanese Translator Offline Model. Download from here. This is a machine learning translator that is trained and programmed by MingShiba aka Nguyen Le Minh.
  • AgentAn universal based script text hooker. Basically it works similar to Textractor/Visual Novel Reader, but you can hook every texts from every games, either it’s PC game or Emulated game using user-programmed Javascript script file. This application is programmed by [DC] – the main romhacker that is supporting Otogelib.
  • The Emulator of your choice. It might be either Nintendo Switch emulator, PSP Emulator or PS2 Emulator. In this guide I will be using Nintendo Switch emulator, which is Yuzu.
  • (Optional) DeepL Translator Application. Download from here. Then install the application.


Dumping your game

We’re playing a Switch game in this guide, which is Shuuen no Virche ~Error:Salvation~. To dump your game from your switch, you need a hacked switch and a copy of the game (Digital or Physical). Here is a guide of how to dump your game.

After dumping your game, you will get a copy of the game to use with the Emulator, normally it could be either in .xci or .nsp format.

Setting up Sugoi Japanese Translator

After downloading Sugoi Translator, extract it using WinRar or 7Zip. Then click on Sugoi-Translator-Offline (click here).bat

Setting up Yuzu

Here’s a quick start guide on how to set up your Yuzu Switch Emulator.

  • Start Yuzu and load your dumped game. In this guide I will use Shuuen no Virche ~Error:Salvation~.

Setting up Agent

After downloading Agent, extract it and you should get a folder named Agent-master.

  • Go to that folder and boot up Agent.exe
  • Hit attach. Done! Now when you play the game in your Yuzu, everytime dialogue/choices appear, Agent will hook that text and copy it to your clipboard, then Sugoi Translator would quickly translate it into English in real-time.
Notes: If your game doesn't have any script yet, you can go here and create a new issue to request for new game script.

Open DeepL application

This step is optional since the Offline model of Sugoi Translator isn’t enough for us to have a good understanding of the translated texts. DeepL is also an AI translator that is very good, if not the best at the moment when it comes to translating from Japanese to English.

By using both machine translators, I dare say you can correctly understand 90% or even more of most games.

As of now, there isn’t an automatic solution for using the DeepL translate application, so you need to manually copy the texts that Agent hooked into the DeepL application. I recommend doing this all the time to get the best results. Otherwise, if you’re lazy, you could just use DeepL when Sugoi is hard to understand or isn’t making any sense.

Good luck, thanks and have fun playing!

Remember, no machine translator could surpass actual human! So be sure to stay tuned for Otogelib Community fan-translated English patches for Otome games 🙂

Thanks and if you have any question, don’t hesistate to ask me in the comments or joining our discord
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