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Is this a fan translation group?

NO. This is a COMMUNITY for hobbyists. It’s more or less a library of Japanese otome game scripts, where you can apply to get edit access to those scripts and you can learn Japanese while translating otome games! Share your passion with the other fellow otome fans!

Anyone can apply as a proofreader! As for translators, there will be a small test since there were some instances in the past where people used google translate to fill in the translation, and that’s… not good.

It’s not. Otogetranslations was a personal translation group led by me (Reishiki). But after a certain event, I’ve lost my will to lead any fan translation group. I still have access to some Japanese otome game scripts, so I thought of making them available for other otome gamers, which led to the creation of Otogelib! 

Now I have the scripts up on Google Sheets and act as a helper/technical supporter for other translators/translation group leaders. Please think of me solely as a member of this community.

Why do you have so many projects? Why not just focus on one game?

Because this is not a translation group and all scripts/projects are not guaranteed to have a complete translation. They’re just… scripts. So it’s not like we’re translating 203201 games at once, don’t worry! Those projects are just scripts currently available for translating.

Do you guys demand proof of purchase when releasing an English patch?

It depends on the project leader/group in question. Otogelib is a community consisting of multiple fan translation groups. Each of them have different policies about how to distribute their patch. Some might decide not to release a patch at all, just simple text translation. In short, you need to ask the project leader or specific group translating a game to know about their policy.

How am I supposed to get these games? It’s not on PSN on PC! It’s expensive on Ebay!

You can still buy games digitally from the PSN. To get the games from Japan, you’ll need to setup a JP account. If you want instructions on how, you can ask.

You don’t have to get the games from Ebay or similar auction sites. It may be cheaper to get the games through proxy services like They allow you to vote on yahoo! Auctions in Japan. You can get games used for cheaper usually, but to balance out the higher overseas shipping fees, it’s best to buy in bulk. For more details, you can ask in the otogelib discord server.

Could you please upload this game’s script? / I want to translate this game, could you help?

I wanted to do this initially, but there were several cases where people would ask me for technical help, and after I helped them, they dropped the project without prior notice. The effort to hack/extract the scripts was wasted. I won’t help to extract scripts from games anymore unless you’re a translator who is serious about translating and committed to completing the project. 

Please understand that translating these projects is demanding of time. Some scripts can have upwards of 100,000 lines of dialogue. It is expected these projects could take years to complete. This includes translating, proofreading, and beta testing. 

How do I claim an orphaned project and become a project leader?

You can apply to be a translator first. In the event you’ve translated 20-40% of the game, you have the opportunity to claim the right to be that project’s leader. You can then decide whether or not a patch would be made, who could be accepted to the team, and everything else related to the project.

What do project leaders do?

Translating, managing, proofreading, recruiting, etc. Pretty much anything that can help to complete the project. Also, they have the final decision on everything related to the project.

Will you make patches for the Nintendo Switch?

The Nintendo Switch is a very new game console. At this time, to avoid any potential legal trouble and/or C&D letters from Nintendo, we will not touch the Nintendo Switch. Some of you may be okay with that, but this group isn’t. Perhaps when the console has aged we may look into potential patches.

However, if there are any Otomate games on the Switch that you want to create a text translation for, don’t hesitate to ask me directly on our Discord server Reishiki#4876. If I have access to the game scripts, then I can provide you access but I won’t help create a patch for the Switch. Text translations are totally fine though.

These games have mobile versions as well. Isn’t it better to make patches for mobile versions instead of the vita?

We will make an android version if the specific project leader/group allows and/or asks me to. It’s not that we don’t want to make mobile patches, but there are a lot of problems when it comes to hacking/technical stuff for android. An iOS version is out of the question for now since I don’t own any iOS devices to test out the patch. T_T

I have more questions!

Please don’t hesitate to ask me via Discord Reishiki#4876 or leave a comment below.

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